Traveling in the Age of Covid

Ever since the pandemic started when the Coronavirus hit, many different public spaces had to change their every day rules and guidelines to help stop the spread. The airport is one of the main places where changes had to be made. Airports and airplanes tend to spread diseases around the world very quickly, so it was imperative that they made changes. I recently flew from BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport) to DEN (Denver International Airport), and here are some of the adjustments travelers can expect for their next trip to the airport.

While some states and businesses are allowing people to go mask free, that is not the case in most airports. They all emphasize how important it is that you wear your mask and make it a point that if you don’t, they are legally allowed to withhold you from flying and traveling. Throughout the whole process of getting on your plane, including security, checking your bag,  and boarding, there are airport workers and constant PA messages telling people to stay six feet apart and wear a mask. Anyone who doesn’t comply can receive punishments.

Although masks and social distancing are required, most planes still allow you to sit directly next to people and still serve snacks during fights. However, they make it very clear that when you are not eating, you must have your mask over your mouth and nose. Flight attendants make sure to travel down the walkway to enforce the mask rules, making sure everyone is following the protocol.

The whole process of getting on and off the plane is still pretty much the same, so if you’re traveling, there’s no drastic new process to flying. 

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