Mrs. Dvornicky + Oakland Mills  = Strongest Together!

By: Amy Dominguez-Campos and Juel Collins

Watching people achieve their goals when they didn’t have the encouragement to do so is such an alluring topic. We see it happen all the time with artists, singers, and athletes but what about teachers? Mrs. Dvornicky, an Oakland Mills High School math educator, always had the drive of being a teacher even though she didn’t receive much optimism from her teachers. 

In her early life, Mrs. Dvornicky’s family had such great interest in Columbia that they moved here during the beginning stages. Because of this, she is very familiar with the area and even attended schools such as Northfield Elementary, Dunloggin Middle, and Centennial High. After graduating from HCPSS, she attended James Madison University in Virginia where she received her bachelors degree in math. She started working at the Goddard Space Flight Center where she found it boring to be a math analyst. During her time at the Goddard Space Center, Mrs. Dvornicky met her husband. Ms. Dvornicky chose to stay at home with her three children for 10 years.

After staying at home for years with her children, she decided it was time to go back to work and try teaching. By having experience with raising children, she knew she was well suited for the job. When she first arrived at OM she was teaching Special Ed, but now during her fourth year at OM, she is teaching math. 

Throughout her time here at OM she has said, “I feel I can be more of myself here because I don’t feel that people are looking at me like ‘she’s this’ or ‘she’s that.”’ It’s great to see that our school has had a positive impact on Mrs. Dvornicky! Not only has she had a positive experience here, but she has also witnessed growth within the students. She said, “I’m so impressed with the students and the acceptance in this school… how no one is afraid to be themselves and come as they are.” We love to acknowledge the fact that our own teachers can see how accepting and loving we all are towards one another!

“Every student here has a story. Just people with a lot of diverse backgrounds,” Mrs. Dvornicky stated. With the right people and environment, we can get through anything. Whether you’re a student or teacher, you will always have people around you to give you great advice. If you’re a newer teacher and are having a hard time, Ms. Dvornicky suggests, “Love your students because they are so worthy of that and don’t let the little things get you down.”

Welcome hOMe Mrs. Dvornicky!

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