Poor Conditions at Howard University

Imagine having a dead rat in your dorm, or even mold accumulating in your dorm.

According to some students from Howard University, students have been fighting for better living conditions for a while now, they complained that there has been mold, rats, and even bugs during their stay. 

Due to the mold being in their dorms students have gotten symptoms like watery eyes and an itchy or sore throat. Students have taken Covid tests and results come back to the negative. Howard University has not fixed its housing conditions and is not precautionary enough of their students’ safety and health.

The safety showers in the science department are a bigger issue to students and it is dangerous. The safety showers have not been working recently and it is becoming a greater issue as the days unfold. The students there have been working with hazardous chemicals and the showers are malfunctioning. Howard University’s safety showers are not able to wash off the chemicals that could get on their students’ bodies. Ensuring that the safety showers are working properly should be a priority and it is an issue that the university is not aware of.

More than 4,400 people have signed on to a petition that calls on the university to sever ties with Corvias, a public partner with Howard University. An anonymous student at Howard University claimed the issue was, “failed to resolve,” and the mold has been a “widespread” issue that needs to be controlled and fixed as soon as possible. The issue is their rooms and housing problems are uncomfortable to them and they need action to be taken.

On Twitter, a student posted a video showing the eyewash station, which has been filthy and unsafe for the students in the science department to use. The students are hoping the tweet gets more attention so the problems at Howard University could be fixed as soon as possible.

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