Winter Break Activities

Winter break is coming up and many are preparing to stay home for a while. While being at home, things can get repetitive and that can send you into a spiral of boredom. Many of us will be looking for fun things to pass the time, so here are some low-effort winter activities.

If you’re looking for something you could do on a snowy afternoon, consider sledding. It has been a popular winter activity for more than a century and isn’t incredibly physically taxing. You’ll need to find a hill and a sled you can fit on. Luckily, Columbia, Maryland has a lot of hills so finding one near you likely will not be much of an issue. Sleds range from $15 to $200 in price and can be used for several winters if used properly.

Candle-making kits are great for those who want a relatively low-effort activity to pass the time. They are widely varied in price but those on the low end of the price range tend to be good for an afternoon activity. All you need is a wick, a container, wax, and a designated pot to melt the wax in. For a quick overview of what you would do, you bring a pot of water to a boil and then place the designated pot to melt the wax inside of the pot of water. Place the wick inside of the container and then pour the melted wax into the container. That will then need to sit for a few hours to solidify. You can find more detailed instructions in candle-making kits and designated candle-making blogs. For those that are staying home during winter break, this hopefully sparked some ideas for how to spend it.

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