Winter Season Food Favs

It is winter! We are in the midst of the season full of hot cocoa and candy canes. Winter is definitely a season that makes everyone happy and full of holiday cheer! Around town, different businesses have taken this opportunity to provide more holiday cheer to the public. Companies like Little Debbie, McDonalds, and Chick Fil A have taken this opportunity to the max.

Little Debbie releases its original Christmas Tree Cakes every year. They are a very popular snack that Americans love to indulge in. They come in two flavors: one is vanilla cake with vanilla filling and one is chocolate cake with chocolate filling. They are delicious and an all time favorite of Americans during the winter season. 

McDonalds comes around every year with their Holiday Pies. The pies are filled with vanilla cream and covered in rainbow sprinkles. They taste like sweetness and happiness all in one bite! They are a great way to treat the one you love on a budget! Especially after a Big Mac meal, these Holiday Pies are the perfect way to end a meal during the winter season. 

Chick Fil A impresses the country every year with their famous Peppermint Chip Milkshake. Luckily, it comes in one size only, so people have plenty of this amazing milkshake to enjoy. It has chunks of chocolate and peppermint that taste amazing alongside the vanilla milkshake base. This milkshake is a great way to enjoy a winter evening sitting by the fire watching the snow fall outside. 

Overall, the winter provides the world with so many sweets and treats that boost the winter mood. For low prices overall, these winter-themed desserts are a great way to enjoy the winter season. So, check them out and try some!

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