Heard of Wordle? Here Are More Games Just Like It

Do you love the internet-obsessed game Wordle but are getting bored of the same thing? Here are some fun games online that are similar to Wordle that can give you some variety in your morning, day, or night. 

The first game I have for you Wordle addicts is Globle. The game starts with a globe and the goal is to find the mystery country. As you type in guesses, the country comes up with a color. If it is light tan or orange, it means you’re not that close. The darker the color gets, the closer you are to the right country. They only have one country a day for you to guess, just like Wordle. https://globle-game.com/

Similar to Globle, the next game I have for you is guessing a country. However, instead of having a globe, you have a shape of a country and only have six tries to guess it. Worldle has one country a day, and it shows you an outline of what the country looks like. As you guess, Worldle tells you how far away you are to the right country and what direction you need to go to find it. It can be very challenging! https://worldle.teuteuf.fr/

This next game challenges you to listen to one second of a song and try to guess it in six tries! Heardle has one song per day for you to guess. You can have another second of the song to listen to, however, every second you add you give away one of your guesses. The songs are popularly known and not too hard to guess, but still difficult. https://www.heardle.app/

Math nerds, if you tuned out, tune back in! Nerdle is like wordle, but instead of letters, it’s numbers! Nerdle gives you six tries to guess a math equation with 8 numbers and/or symbols. It uses the same system of coloring the boxes to tell you whether you have guessed correctly or incorrectly. It’s not for everyone, but there’s no harm in giving it a try! https://nerdlegame.com/

Now this game is pretty much self-explanatory. Quordle uses four Wordle boards at the same time and gives you nine guesses to get all four words. They only have one a day, but you can play practice games too. It is very challenging but also very satisfying to play. https://www.quordle.com/#/

The last game I have for you all is Crosswordle. The website advertises the game as a blend of sudoku and Wordle. The directions are a bit confusing, but the website has a really good explanation for beginners. It uses the same format as Wordle, but is a 5×4 board with sudoku rules mixed in. If you’re looking for a real challenge, this is the one for you! https://crosswordle.vercel.app/?daily=1

While I have only shared six games with you all, there are countless games on the internet to tease your brain. As Wordle took the world by storm, we have to find new challenges to drive us crazy once again. Have fun gaming!

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