Meet Ms. Tung: OM’s Newest Math Teacher!

A new math teacher has just touched down in the Oakland Mills community! In room 607, Ms. Tung is motivated to help kids learn and have them enjoy math at the same time. With her laid back, patient and kind demeanor, she hopes to make kids “more passionate math learners.”

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Ms. Tung immigrated to America at age 14 to further her education. She attended high school in Montgomery County, Maryland, where she played volleyball. After graduating from high school, she attended UMBC where she pursued her dream of teaching, and was guided to teach math by her favorite professor: Bonny Tighe. There she earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in teaching.

Apart from her education and professional life, Ms. Tung’s favorite season is summer, because she absolutely loves the beach and nature. When asked what her dream vacation was she said “anywhere near the beach.” Additionally, before wanting to teach, Ms. Tung dreamed of being a fashion designer! She stated Chinese food as her favorite type of food, and in her free time, she likes to shop and hang out with her friends. She owns two domestic short hair cats and considers herself a cat person.

She cited her goal to be a teacher as motivation throughout college. Now her motivation is the feedback she receives from her students. “Students showing they’re enjoying my class, that motivates me,” Tung said. Furthermore, when asked what she wanted the students of OM to know about her, she said “I am very passionate about teaching and helping the students learn math.” Her favorite thing about teaching is being able to connect with her students. She enjoys OM and describes the environment as inclusive and that there’s a sense of belonging for many people. With that being said, I think that we can come to expect many fun and passionate years of teaching from Ms. Tung in the Oakland Mills building, as she motivates aspiring math learners.

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