A New AP in Town: Mrs. Proctor

Listen one, listen all! There is a new assistant principal at Oakland Mills and her name is Mrs. Proctor! Before coming to OM, Mrs. Proctor was a science teacher at Wilde Lake High School and a Leadership Intern at Mt. Hebron High School. She also used to be a science teacher in North Carolina before making the move to Maryland in 2011.

Mrs. Proctor went to Colorado College for her undergraduate degree, and then she went to the University of Maine Orono for her graduate degree. She also attended Towson University for her Administrator 1 certification. She moved to Maryland in 2011 because her husband, Chris Proctor, was hired as a Programmer/Analyst with NASA Goddard in the Earth Science Division.

We all know that most people get nervous when coming to a new school, but not Mrs. Proctor. She is excited to get to know everyone at OM throughout the school year. “It was just exciting to be here, to meet the team, to meet the students,” Mrs. Proctor stated.

When first arriving at OM, she felt as if she became part of the family. Mrs. Proctor felt that way when she was transferred here from Wilde Lake. “If you’re here, you’re here, you’re with us, you’re part of our family. I think that’s really special,” Mrs. Proctor stated about the Oakland Mills community.

Not only does Mrs. Proctor enjoy working with students, she also loves to have some fun during her free time. When the school day is over, she enjoys spending time with her five year old daughter and her husband. They love being active as a family, going on walks, biking, and hiking. When not enjoying the great outdoors, her and her family love to play a lot of different board games.

Mrs. Proctor was born in New York, but she was raised in Georgia in a town right outside Atlanta. She lived there until she moved to attend college at Towson University and officially moved to Maryland to continue her teaching career.

Mrs. Proctor would love to visit Australia someday. Not only is her brother living in Australia and she would love to visit him, but also because it is a beautiful country and very different from the US. When asked if she has any pets she said that she does not have any, but if she could have one, she would love to have a cat.

Although making the move from being a teacher to an administrator can be hard, Mrs. Proctor is doing well managing her time. For any future assistant principals out there, Mrs. Proctor has some advice for you: “It is a different type of job, but it’s worth it. There’s a time commitment, but if it’s something that they want, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t pursue it.”

Welcome hOMe Mrs. Proctor, we are so happy to have you!

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