Welcome hOMe, Mr. Guest!

The Newest Face in the Art Department

Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Guest, the newest addition to the art department here at OMHS! Coming here all the way from Dunloggin Middle School, he is excited to meet the students, build meaningful relationships, and use his passion for art to support OM´s talented artists. After hearing about Oakland Mills and the community, Mr. Guest immediately knew that this was where he wanted to be. Just as he imagined, he was welcomed with open arms. When asked about his arrival to OMHS, he gushed about the endless love he immediately felt when connecting with the student and staff: “I love the students, the staff, and the community has been so great. So I think that’s the main thing that will keep me here, and I’m assuming that’s why a lot of people stay.”

Similar to the students here at OM, Mr. Guest is more than willing to share his hobbies and interests to encourage his student-artists to open up. When he is not creating something amazing, he enjoys being outside in nature, golfing, and drawing to pass the time. The environment is an important part of what helps Mr. Guest unwind. His dream for retirement is to move to a large plot of land with access to water. Being able to go crabbing or fishing in his very own backyard brings him back to simpler times with his grandfather as a child.

In his classroom, Mr. Guest works tirelessly to make sure that students feel free to express themselves and come to him for support. He wants prospective students to know that he is patient, easygoing, a good listener, and only wants them to succeed. With that said, that does not mean he is relaxed about his responsibilities. He continues to be hard working while maintaining a tight-knit, understanding relationship with anyone he encounters. This sense of dedication is natural for Mr. Guest; during his time at Dunloggin, he often used his leadership skills to support the student community. Whether that meant getting groups of them together after school for a safe space or serving as a sympathetic ear for students struggling. He is always ready and willing to take on responsibilities. Altogether, our family is tremendously excited to see how Mr. Guest makes our school even better! So welcome hOMe, Mr. Guest!

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