Mr Wang: OM’s Newest Algebra Teacher

Meet Mr. Wang, one of the wonderful new staff members at Oakland Mills this year! He is OMโ€™s newest Algebra teacher. Mr. Wang teaches Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 GT and is excited to proceed into this school year!

Mr. Wang previously was a student teacher at Mt Hebron High School teaching calculus and geometry before coming to OM this year. Despite this being Mr. Wang’s 1st year teaching, he says he already feels at hOMe here at Oakland Mills and wants to thank the OM math department for all the help and support they are giving him.

Before living in Howard county for the past 12 years, he lived in New York briefly, and before that lived in China. Mr. Wang left China when he was 15 and ended up here in Howard County.

This year, Mr. Wang is striving to improve as a teacher while also improving his class. Mr. Wang is hoping to inspire and change his class’s perception of math from something that is boring and something you are forced to do, to something fun and challenging that students will enjoy. He also wants to be there for his students whenever they need help. He encourages all his students in both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 GT to stop by in room 701 if they ever need help with math. Mr. Wang is hoping to help all his students pass and enjoy math this year, and says he will do whatever it takes to make his first year at OM the best it can be.

Outside of academics, Mr. Wang has a few hobbies he enjoys to do in his free time. Mr. Wang loves to play card games of all sorts and has been his main hobby post-pandemic. Before the pandemic Mr. Wang enjoyed going to the gym and staying in shape. Although he does not run any clubs or help out with any sports, he says he is open to trying things.

Overall, Mr. Wang is an amazing teacher willing to help out any way he can for both his students and his fellow teachers. Mr. Wang is truly enthralled to be at hOMe here at OM, so to everyone at OM if you see Mr. Wang in the halls or in class make sure to say hi and welcome him hOMe

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