Meet The New Teacher!

Welcoming OM’s newest English teacher

Matthew Kreitzer is a new English teacher here at OM.

He was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in Delaware, and moved to Maryland in 2008.
This is his first year at OM, but he has been in Howard County for 15 years and has been teaching for 21 years. He taught in other schools before coming to ours, including Long Reach High School and Patuxent Valley Middle School.

Mr. Kreitzer decided to become a teacher because he liked “helping people learn and discover new ideas.” Growing up, Mr. Kreitzer enjoyed helping other people, so it felt natural for him to be a teacher. His father was an educator, and that inspired him to become a teacher. He started his career as a special education teacher and spent a lot of time teaching reading. He co-taught in English classrooms and decided that he wanted to do something different. What he likes about teaching is “watching students learn and grow over the course of the years.” He said that if he were not an English teacher, he would probably be a social studies or math teacher.

When asked why he decided to come teach at Oakland Mills High School, he answered that “for the last 12 years, [he] taught in a middle school then [he] decided that [he] wanted a challenge so [he] transferred to a high school.” He lived in the OM community for a while, so when the opportunity to work here came, he took it. According to him, his experiences here at Oakland Mills High School have been very good. He said, “The students have been fantastic, the staff is very welcoming and we have great administrators and we had an excellent time so far.” What he likes most about Oakland Mills High School is the “friendliness and the sense of community that everybody has.”
According to him, if he was not a teacher, he would probably be a computer scientist or a soccer referee! His hobbies are sports, photography, playing music, and wood work.

What he does mostly in his free time is play sports, including soccer and ultimate frisbee. According to him, he does not watch TV much or listen to a specific type of music but when he feels like watching or listening to anything at the moment, no matter what it is, he will do it.

When asked if he wanted to change anything about Oakland Mills, he said
“I don’t know enough about the school or community to answer that question. Ask me that question next year.” According to him, he is not planning on leaving Oakland Mills High School so soon. He said “I don’t see a reason to leave now. I love to continue my career here at Oakland mills.” Well, it’s good to know that an amazing teacher like Mr. Kreitzer will stay with us for a very long time! Welcome hOMe, Mr. Kreitzer!

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