Inside the Mind of OM 

Who is that New Psychologist at Oakland Mills High?!

Are you a listener? The person that everyone comes to when they need advice or just want to talk? Well, Mrs. Scheuneman, our new Oakland Mills High School psychologist, definitely was and that is the reason why she is here with us today. 

Here’s a Little Background

Growing up, Mrs. Scheuneman lived most of her life in southern Maryland in Charles County with her parents and younger brother, so she is pretty familiar with the state. Even attended a state college, Towson University, where she graduated in 1997 majoring in psychology. Mrs. Scheuneman did not immediately start out working in school after graduating. She first began using her major in Kennedy Krieger Institute, then John Hopkins Hospital until she decided that she wanted to work around children full time, “I always loved talking to kids, talking to people, and I just knew I wanted to work with children.” 

How Did She End Up Here?

     Mrs. Scheuneman always knew from a young age that psychology was the job for her, “I always felt like a listening ear, so I naturally kind of wanted to be helpful.” So, when she decided to become a school psychologist, it was expected. She later attended George Mason University to get her teaching degree. But before Ms. Scheuneman would come to Oakland Mills High School, she worked in other schools in the past. She started out in a regional program in Charles County, where she helped students that had IEP’s and that could not learn in a public setting. Then, she worked in a middle school in Anne Arundel County, working there for about 5 years. Now we are lucky enough to have her here with us this year, and hopefully many more years to come. 

However, it does seem that so far Ms. Scheuneman is enjoying her time at OM. “I will tell you, this is one of the most supportive environments that I have ever been in.” 

She’s Not Just A Psychologist

Fortunately, Mrs. Scheuneman has other hobbies that she loves to do outside of her career to keep her occupied. She participates in such activities like reading, spin biking, watching movies. She even loves hiking around on the many, many trails in Columbia or playing board games and card games with her 8 year old son, which are all things she loves and enjoys that keeps her mind off of work for a little while. When asked about any last pieces of advice for anyone who is considering becoming or currently is a psychologist, Ms. Scheuneman says, “Try not to stress out too much.” This line of work can be tough, maybe a little overwhelming at times, or even stressful and hard to hear at times. Just remember that there are people who you are helping, and putting a positive impact on their lives.

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