Mr. Warner Returning hOMe

The Newest Familiar Face at OM

Welcome back hOMe to Mr. Warner, the newest social studies teacher here at OM! A 2007 OMHS graduate himself, Mr. Warner decided to return to the OM cOMmunity with his family. In his words, “There’s a reason why many of the teachers have been here for a very very long time. Having left and had some perspective on what it is like here, you know, I wanted to come back.”

Mr. Warner hopes to help students enjoy their time at OM and find their passion. According to him, “I had teachers that really started to see me as a person and really started to engage me and that pulled me into school.” He wants to do the same for his students and allow them to be able to think critically about the information they receive, especially with the growth in the spread of misinformation.

In his freetime, Mr. Warner enjoys going for runs and watching science fiction movies like Star Wars. At the moment, he doesn’t advise any clubs but would be open to doing so if a student approached him about it. For most of the day, he teaches just down the hallway from two of his former teachers, Mr. Ewart and Mrs. Yarboi. “I had Mr. Ewart for AP- He’s in the same classroom, I had him for AP European History and then Ms. Yarboi I had for AP World History.” 

Mr. Warner taught in southern Maryland for ten years before returning to Oakland Mills. That just goes to show, Mr. Warner wants to be an active and committed member of our cOMmunity.

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