OM Is Too Hard To Leave!

Meet the new English teacher

Meet Mrs. Pierce, our amazing English Teacher at Oakland Mills High School! Who as well graduated from Oakland Mills, she was class of 2013. She grew up in the community of Oakland Mills and went to Towson University to become a teacher. She went to Towson University for 4 years, then came back to teach at her favorite place at hOMe. For these past 6 years she has been teaching! She loves working with students and giving them the assistance that they need to pass this class. Mrs. Pierce really does enjoy teaching and the environment of this school!

Mrs. Pierce grew up in Columbia Maryland, which is why she came back to the school she graduated from! She did enjoy going to Towson University to become an English teacher. She has noticed some things are not the same but that doesn’t stop her from loving being a teacher here at OM. There were some different ways on how Oakland Mills used to teach her when she was a teen, to now with the way she teaches the students.

One thing Mrs. Pierce did in the summer that she really enjoyed was going to visit her husband’s side of the family back in Maine. While down there she went hiking, and also went out with his family. A couple years ago Mrs. Pierce visited South Africa to teach English Language Arts. She taught 5th and 6th graders, even some older kids who wanted to learn how to read and write. She taught that in a poor community which is why she loved teaching in the community. She agrees that this is a good community for students to learn and live their high school years! 

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