Welcome our newest Gym teacher, Mr. Hines!

You may have heard of him, you may have seen him, introducing our newest staff member in Oakland Mills, Mr. Hines! He comes from a background with lots of experience teaching and coaching and is ready to start teaching Health and Gym here at Oakland Mills.  

Mr. Hines graduated from Reynoldstown High school and graduated from Bucknell University. He originally worked in the health industry doing work such as sports medicine, rehab, and even working in a hospital for 12 years. Mr. Hines has also coached many teams such as football for Loyola Blakefield for 7 years. He also coached high school football for 24 years, and high school basketball and softball as well.

Mr. Hines got into teaching from a friend of his suggesting that he would work well with kids. He tried it out and has loved it ever since. Before coming to Oakland Mills, he taught at schools in Baltimore city. He needed a change from Baltimore city and Oakland MIlls was exactly what he needed, including a great environment. 

Mr. Hines is looking to get more involved in the Oakland Mills community as he gets comfortable in OM. He is looking to try and be a part of our coaching staff as potentially a basketball coach or football coach and with all of his coaching experience in the past he will be a great addition to our coaching staff. As for the future, after being a teacher he is unsure of what he wants to do and will try to come up with an answer further along in his career. 

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and bowling. Mr. Hines also enjoys coaching very much from coaching at multiple different schools and different sports.

You can find Mr. Hines in room 608 or in the gym to stop by and give him a warm welcome into our cOMmunity!

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