Meet Our New JROTC Instructor, Chief Castellano!

You have heard of our new JROTC teacher and now get ready to learn about him! Mr. Castellano is part of our new Oakland Mills Highschool staff. What brought Chief to Oakland Mills High School is admirable, because thanks Chief Castellano, our JROTC program is still up and running. The shift to Oakland Mills has been a “great transition” according to Chief. He also goes along to say, “The students I have here at Oakland Mills have very much impressed me”, as well as enjoying the community feel Oakland Mills gives off.

Chief was born in and grew up in England. He has lived in many places including North Dakota, California and finished his last two years of high school in Germany at a school called Zweibrucken American Highschool, and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist University located in Texas. After serving in the military for 24 years, he retired as a Chief Master Sergeant. 

Chief’s motivation comes from his father, a man that he describes taught him a bunch of valuable lessons and who had the biggest role in him joining the military along with brothers also being heavily influenced from him as well in joining the military. 

Chief has been to many places including Bahrain, Paris, London, and Turkey. One of the places he has enjoyed the most is snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, where he describes how he loved being around such beautiful large and small fishes in coral reefs that he never knew he would see.

I asked the Chief for any advice for students, and he advised that we should apply for scholarships as soon as possible. In order to increase your chances of getting a scholarship along with pursuing what you truly like to do, do those things, and you will end up with a future that you enjoy and live with no regrets just like Chief himself!So let’s welcome Chief Castellano to our OMHS cOMmunity! 

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