All About Mrs. Davis!

Interviewing Mrs. Davis was a delightful experience, her charisma and joy for impacting the world around her is what makes a great new addition to the OM family.

 Raised here in Colombia, MD she attended Talbott Springs Elementary School, Oakland Mills Middle School, spent a year at Oakland Mills High School and eventually graduated from Howard High School. Her passion for teaching first started at age 15 when she started working with her aunt at Headstart. She found the environment to be nice, and later she started working with children for Columbia Association in the Wilde Lake area. She mainly worked with children in the nursery. That was the turning point in which she knew that teaching would be her profession. 

She received her undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University, Masters from the University of Cincinnati, and National University in California. Mrs. Davis is an avid traveler and enjoys it. She has been to Jamaica and is planning on going to Las Vegas at the end of this year with her husband. When asked if she was not a teacher what she would be, she said she would do something with forensics. As it had interested her with the science aspect. When she is not teaching, on the side she runs a photography business with her husband, they do weddings, baby showers, graduation pics anything you can name. If she could be described by the people around her the words amazing, energetic, and passionate come to mind. She considers herself to be an ambivert as just like anyone our social batteries can drain, she is a perfect mix of both. A hobby of hers is cooking, and she is very talented at it. So much so that her mom allowed her to take over hosting Thanksgiving, she also enjoys using cookbooks. In her family she is definitely the “favorite aunty.” She is family oriented and some of their Halloween traditions include themed costumes, mummy dolls, and shared food. For Christmas they have a family inside joke as to why three gifts are given to each kid. (I’ll keep it an inside joke). Every year each family member is given a christmas ornament with a character on it. As a teacher her goal is to positively reach her students and bring change to them. So let’s welcOMe, Mrs. Davis! 

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