Flowers To Flatter

But which one to choose? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better to get your friends or partner than to flatter them with flowers? Flowers have been a cultural tradition for centuries, but behind every flower is a specific meaning. Red roses are beautiful long-stemmed flowers with red petals. Red roses are one of the most common and popular flowers to get … Continue reading Flowers To Flatter

Spotify Wrapped & Apple Replay

This year’s music results are in! This year’s Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay are in with all new interfaces, results, and much more. Starting off with Spotify Wrapped, a bunch of new features have been added, most notably their new listening personality that describes the user’s character. It is based on 16 personality choices where the user is given a combination of four letters. For … Continue reading Spotify Wrapped & Apple Replay

The McRib Is Back, Baby!

Long ago on a saddening night, the well-known and beloved McRib was removed from not just the McDonalds menus, but from our hearts too. The juicy and succulent McRib was last seen on the McDonalds menu nationwide in 2015. Regionally, the McRib was last seen on menus in 2020. Ever since then, things have not been the same. The McRib is filled with mouth-watering ingredients … Continue reading The McRib Is Back, Baby!

Dangerous Treats

Finding Harmful Drugs In Your Halloween Candy Halloween is right around the corner. Everyone is excited about all the new costumes, tricks, and especially treats. Many are excited for treats, especially the king sized candies such as Hershey’s, KitKats, and many more.While we all are excited about Halloween, there are some things we should keep in mind and be careful of. Surprisingly, one of the … Continue reading Dangerous Treats

Meet Our New JROTC Instructor, Chief Castellano!

You have heard of our new JROTC teacher and now get ready to learn about him! Mr. Castellano is part of our new Oakland Mills Highschool staff. What brought Chief to Oakland Mills High School is admirable, because thanks Chief Castellano, our JROTC program is still up and running. The shift to Oakland Mills has been a “great transition” according to Chief. He also goes … Continue reading Meet Our New JROTC Instructor, Chief Castellano!