The McRib Is Back, Baby!

Long ago on a saddening night, the well-known and beloved McRib was removed from not just the McDonalds menus, but from our hearts too. The juicy and succulent McRib was last seen on the McDonalds menu nationwide in 2015. Regionally, the McRib was last seen on menus in 2020. Ever since then, things have not been the same. The McRib is filled with mouth-watering ingredients including the delectable McRib pork patty, the freshly mesmerizing homestyle McRib bun, the sweet but tangy bbq sauce, the angelic tasting pickles, and last but not least, the perfectly caramelized onions. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

On October 31st of this year, alas, the marvelous McRib was brought back into our lives. I had been dreaming about this moment ever since I was just a mere boy, and let me tell you, it did not dissapoint. I still have the barbeque stains on my shirt, and I refuse to wash it.

The only thing that made eating the McRib even better was the server handing me my food. I am very grateful for her speed since she made the waiting and anticipation so much shorter, helping me acquire the beautiful experience with my McRib that much faster. The moment that my hands touched the perfection of a sandwich, time around me stopped, and every second that passed I craved more and more. The second I was able to grasp the bag that contained the whole reason for my happiness, I was able to gather all my emotions to prepare for a single bite. This bite would solve all the problems in my life.

When the sensational flavors hit my tongue, I could not help but just devour it whole. Bite by bite, I yearned for more. The McDonald’s sandwich lives in my heart rent free 24/7. Every minute that passes I spend reminiscing on my wonderful and very memorable experience of consuming that absolutely delectable piece. I will never forget and will remember this beautiful moment forever.

By seeing the effect of the McRib, how tasty it is, as well as how it will change your life only for the better, I think that no more needs to be said to motivate you to get up and go get a life-changing McRib. Rumors are that this might be your last year to obtain this seasonal masterpiece. The fact that this might be the last time I will be able to consume the McRib breaks me. Therefore, I vow to go to McDonalds everyday to purchase this piece of art and freeze them to be thawed and eaten for years to come.

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