Flowers To Flatter

But which one to choose?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better to get your friends or partner than to flatter them with flowers? Flowers have been a cultural tradition for centuries, but behind every flower is a specific meaning.

Red roses are beautiful long-stemmed flowers with red petals. Red roses are one of the most common and popular flowers to get your partner on Valentine’s Day. The red rose is notorious for symbolizing love and passion, and would be the perfect gift for a significant other to show your affection!

Moth Orchids are long, stunning flowers that come in various colors, such as white, purple, pink, salmon, and yellow. Orchids are perfect for this Valentine’s Day, not just for your partner, but also for your friends and family since Moth Orchids symbolize love, beauty, and thoughtfulness.

Daisies are pretty, thin, and delicate flowers that come in a variety of colors such as white, pink, red, and blue. Daisies are great for this Valentine’s Day, not just for your partner, but for someone like your friends or family since daisies symbolize childhood, motherhood, and new beginnings. 

Overall, flowers are an important part of Valentine’s tradition, but flowers aren’t only to give out to your partner. Many of these flowers can also be gifted to family and friends. Make someone’s Valentine’s Day by giving them some flowers to show your love and appreciation! 

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