Spotify Wrapped & Apple Replay

This year’s music results are in!

This year’s Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay are in with all new interfaces, results, and much more. Starting off with Spotify Wrapped, a bunch of new features have been added, most notably their new listening personality that describes the user’s character. It is based on 16 personality choices where the user is given a combination of four letters. For example, if you are the type to stream new releases quicker than other users, you would be given the title ENPC, also known as an early adopter. Or, if you are the type of user to listen to music from other countries, then you would be labeled as an ENLC, or a voyager. Another one of the most notable features that makes Spotify stand out is the new personalized message from the artist the user listens to the most.

Along with Spotify Wrapped, Apple Replay was released. Apple Music has released its own summary of users’ music for the year. Like Spotify Wrapped, users of Apple Music are also given the amount of time they spent listening to music in general, their top 10 artists of the year, their most listened-to song of the year, and of course, their most listened to/favorite artist and album of the year.

Whether you are ending your year with Spotify Wrapped or Apple Replay, we are all surprised by our music results for top songs and artists. We can expect 2023 to come with new results and even newer features that will keep us on edge and surprise us all!

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