Here Comes Quarter 4!

Last quarter of the school year!

Quarter three is ending, which means quarter four is right around the corner. Our final quarter of the year has a ton in store for us, such as final grades, prom, final exams, and getting ready for a new school year. 

With any new quarter, the first thing that usually comes to everyone’s mind is grades. Grades are very important when it comes to the last quarter especially since it’s the last opportunity to raise the overall final grade for a course. Quarter four also means finals, which can also be a factor in overall grades. Making sure to study and putting extra effort into your work can make or break your final grade. 

Freshmen are finishing up their first year in high school. This is a great time for freshmen to talk to their teachers about what to improve on for their sophomore year. This also is a great time for freshmen to explore new sports and activities for next year. Get involved!

Sophomores have a big year ahead of them! It is good to talk to teachers about how to prepare for taking AP classes and the start of the college search. There are many resources available for preparation for those things available at OM.

Juniors are nearing their last year as high schoolers. This is a great time to talk to teachers about college recommendation letters and begin to think about what your post-graduation plans are. 

Seniors are almost done! With about one month left, it is time to finish strong and get yourself organized for college and other post-graduate plans. A very exciting time for all!

The start of each new quarter is an opportunity for everyone to start fresh. Try to make a habit this quarter of turning assignments in on time, or keeping better organization through the use of a planner or even the calendar on your phone. It is easy to feel tired and unmotivated in the final quarter of the year, but it is important to push through and finish strong. 

Outside of academics, there are many activities to look forward to in the fourth quarter. Prom, senior events, and graduation are all exciting events that will be here before we know it.

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