Deadpool 3

The hype around Deadpool 3 continues to grow as new updates and clips reveal exciting information. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen the clips and updates and have so many questions for what is to come next for Deadpool 3.

The original Deadpool, and Deadpool 2 were both very popular at the time they were released with both earning upwards of more than $780 million. These movies were known for their R-rated jokes and action packed scenes. These last two Deadpool movies have not been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with characters from the X-Men series appearing. However with the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie it will be taking place inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe opening lots of ideas that could occur throughout the movie. The most important news of it all is Deadpool 3 will be starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman has starred in many movies, but the most memorable movies have to be the Wolverine series. He has played in 9 films in the X-men series, Wolverine movies, and Logan movies all playing the role of Wolverine which has become iconic to Hugh Jackman. He has also played in a variety of other movies such as The Greatest Showman, Reminiscence, Free Guy, and many more.

Ryan Reynolds is also returning from the past two Deadpool movies as he is the star for this series. With his comedic effect and great acting skills the MCU had to bring him back as a must for this third Deadpool movie. Reynolds and Jackman have made videos announcing Jackman into the movie and have also revealed more comedic scenes.There have been rumors that there will be more short clips revealing more information leading up to the movie. With many fans still wondering what is to come next for Deadpool 3, only time can tell.

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