Say Hello to Ms. Devine!

We have a new face in the building, who you may recognize from her iconic “bye” after every announcement. Ms. Devine is the newest secretary to join the OM front office staff. After working as a teachers’ secretary at Harpers Choice Middle for six years, Ms. Devine is ready to call Oakland Mills her new hOMe.

Even though Ms. Devine is new to working here, she is no stranger to our cOMmunity. She has lived around here for 25 plus years, even raising two daughters within the OM environment, whom she says to be her biggest inspiration because of the way she has learned so much through them growing up and becoming adults. Both of her daughters went to Stevens Forest Elementary, Oakland Mills Middle, and graduated from our school, Oakland Mills High, in 2011 and 2015. She was a part of the OMHS PTSA, so she is very familiar with the neighborhood and all of the Oakland Mills traditions. By living in the OM community, Ms. Devine feels like she has always been inspired by how the students of OM “carry themselves” and says, “they are very funny.” She loves the fact that OM has students with various backgrounds to learn from. Despite the fact that she misses her HCMS colleagues and friends, Ms. Devine is very excited to be here at OM and close to a place she has called home for so many years.

Ms. Devine is an avid OM Field Hockey fan. She loves watching our lady scorps continue to progress and work hard. She also has a soft spot for lacrosse and watching OM play hard and work hard. Ms. Devine noted that she hoped to make it to the field hockey Senior Night and at least one football game this fall. Within school, Ms. Devine is also enjoyed to the annual Homecoming Hallways. This year, she volunteered to be a judge for the hallways. When asked about why she was so giddy to judge she said, “I have always loved the hallways.” She also noted that as a teachers’ secretary she loves the interaction she gets to have with people, so hopefully she will get to interact with many students during the hallway competition. You know what to do OM!

Outside of school, Ms. Devine loves to watch old shows, go out to eat, take day trips down to St. Marys to visit her mom, or do brewery, winery and distillery tours with her husband.. She enjoys at home and watching old shows like Cold Case on HBO Max or diving into a movie from her favorite saga, Marvel. Ms. Devine loves watching anything with Spiderman or Captain America since they are her favorite Marvel heroes. If she wants to grab a bite to eat, maybe after a few episodes of Schitts Creek, she will most likely go to her favorite restaurants Food Market or Busboys and Poets (especially for breakfast). Ms. Devine also mentioned that when she worked at HCMS, she loved to walk after school but since she has to work earlier now, she is normally too tired, which we can all understand.

When it comes to being a student in high school, Ms, Devine wants you to know, “As difficult as it is with so many things going on, how you’re developing and growing, take time to enjoy it.” To the students of OM she wants you to know to not be in a rush to grow up and realize that this is a part of your life, so enjoy it. 

At the end of the day, her goal for this job is to know that she provided some fun at this school. She tries her best to have fun with her job, which is why she says “Bye” at the end of every single one of her announcements, because it puts a smile on at least one person’s face. Hopefully we do not have to say “Bye” to Ms. Devine anytime soon. Welcome hOMe Ms. Devine, we are glad you are here.

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