Another Alumni back hOMe

Welcome Home Mr. Hayman

Mr. Glenn Hayman is one of the newest teachers to work in the special education department at OM this year. In his role, Mr. Hayman supports students who may need some additional educational or behavioral support. You can also find him supporting math classes here at OM. He is a passionate and kind teacher who loves to help students.

By teaching in special education classes, Mr. Hayman is able to get to know each student individually since the class sizes are often smaller. He also said that another advantage of being a special educator is that if students are struggling with certain areas, he is able to really focus on their work and help them grow.

Mr. Hayman is from Columbia and is actually an alumnus of Oakland Mills! When asked about his hobbies, Mr. Hayman said that being a parent is his favorite pastime. He has three children: twin boys who are four years old, and a six month old daughter. He claims he is “living the dream” since having a family has always been his goal.

Outside of teaching and parenting, Ms. Hayman loves sports. He played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse when he was in high school. Although he did not pursue a career as a professional athlete, he is still a big fan of sports, and likes to watch soccer and football documentaries.

Though he doesn’t have a consistent classroom in our school, be sure to catch him in the hallways to welcome him back hOMe this year!

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