Christmas All Over the World                          

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Takumi Shinkai and I am an exchange student from Japan. Since I got here in August, I was surprised by a lot of cultural differences because the United States is a country of diversity. There are tons of people here from all over the world, which allows for a lot of different traditions … Continue reading Christmas All Over the World                          

Another Alumni back hOMe

Welcome Home Mr. Hayman Mr. Glenn Hayman is one of the newest teachers to work in the special education department at OM this year. In his role, Mr. Hayman supports students who may need some additional educational or behavioral support. You can also find him supporting math classes here at OM. He is a passionate and kind teacher who loves to help students. By teaching … Continue reading Another Alumni back hOMe

Japanese Halloween

-Cool cultures in Japan- Sometimes it is said that Japan has ‘curious’ cultures. Unlike other countries, many Japanese people do not care much about their own religious beliefs, but there are a lot of religious events that occur. For instance, most Japanese enjoy Christmas, and the most popular religious funeral is Buddhism. In a word, Japanese cultures consist of a mixture of Western and Asian … Continue reading Japanese Halloween