Unidentified Flying Object at OM

Are aliens among us?

On the 13th of February, an unidentified flying object crashed on Oakland Mills High School’s baseball field. Authorities refuse to call it a UFO and the whole situation was initially hidden by the U.S. Air Force. Here is what we learned from our secret information network.

Around 2:00 am on the 13th of February, residents of Oakland Mills heard a loud noise. Soon after, smoke and several fires were spotted on and near the baseball field of OMHS. After identifying the source of the noise, some residents went to the object, which was laying on the ground. Witnesses say it looked like a bowl, and there were two doors, one of which was broken. They heard several mechanical noises from inside the object. Witnesses insist that it was a spaceship and that it must have come from another planet.

One resident called the police at 2:08 am, and two officers came to the scene. Witnesses say that the officers couldn’t do anything, but were seen contacting someone before approaching the UFO. 

Around 2:30 am, five military vehicles and two trucks with cranes arrived at the scene. Witnesses report about 40 soldiers and several people in white protective gear, likely researchers. They spent 20 minutes placing the UFO in a truck, and the vehicles were seen in the area until 4:00 am.

Although reports of this case have been made internationally, the U.S. government has stayed silent. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly declined to comment on the situation. 

Don Fieger, a UFO specialist, alleges that the UFO seems different from other ones that have been seen in the past. He also says it is very rare that UFOs land in residential areas and are seen by a lot of people.

Mick Frey, a specialist in aerospace engineering, says that its shape is very inefficient for flying, and there seemingly isn’t any power source. A lot of details are still being covered by a veil of mystery.

Photo Credit: Malcolm Brooks

Happy April Fool's Day!🦂

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