Spooky Season has arrived!

Four Fun Activities To Do This Halloween Weekend

Fall has officially arrived!! Brightly colored leaves cover the ground, chilly/foggy mornings begin, and exciting holidays grow near, among those holidays is Halloween! Do not have any plans? Do not worry, I have you covered.

Haunted House attractions

The Markoff’s Haunted Forest, located in Montgomery County, Maryland, is a fantastic choice if you are seeking to visit one of the many haunted attractions in the DMV region. The annual Haunted Forest is being held by the Markoff brothers. During this time, on selected days they will have The Haunted Trail, The Cursed Village, and The Town, where they provide a “creative, dramatic, and terrifying haunt experience”. Many have described this experience as “incredible” and “impressive”. One frequent visitor expressed their opinion of Markoff’s in a google review saying, “Markoff’s haunted forest is one of the most fun activities my husband and I and our friends look forward to every year! It’s always a really good time and the haunted forest layout is always amazingly put together… It never disappoints and always gives us a fright!”

Zombie Hayride

Central Avenue Paintball Park in Bowie, Maryland, is hosting a zombie thrill ride one October 28th and October 29th from 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. You can ride a 15-20 minute two-tier hayride while shooting “real” zombies! This event has been deemed as safe, enjoyable, and appropriate for all ages. Reviews claim that it is inexpensive, has helpful staff, and has been described as a hidden gem. So, go to Bowie if you want the chance to “prevent the spread of angry, erratic zombies and save mankind!”

The “Boo” Basket

An amazing and creative idea, The “Boo” Basket is a fun holiday tradition where people buy baskets and fill them with different types of goodies which you can give to friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances.The best part about this gift is how inexpensive it can be! Simply head over to the nearest dollar store and pick up some Halloween essentials, such as festive decor, themed treats and snacks, and activities they can do all month long. Then leave the basket of goodies somewhere they will find it and once they have been ‘Booed’ they can have the pleasure of carrying on the fun!

DIY costumes 

When all the stores are crowded and all the good costumes are gone, DIY costumes are your best friend. There are countless costume ideas available that only require a few basic supplies. For example, Captain Underpants is a great and easy costume that only requires two materials, white shorts, and a cape. Additionally, The Rock’s iconic black turtleneck and jeans outfit can become a simple, but terrific costume. Simply add a silver chain and fanny pack to complete the look and you are set! For more inspiration check out “Popular Halloween Costumes” by Beatriz Alves.

So there you have it, four fantastic activities to enjoy this Halloween weekend! Whether you choose to do these spooky activities, I wish you all a spooktober!

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