Spooky Vegan Dishes

Animal-free foods

Have you ever gone to a party that has nothing you can eat there? Whether it is because there are dairy, nuts, or meat in the food. Well that’s how vegans feel at parties that don’t have any plant based foods. I do understand when people hear vegan, they only think of vegetables on a plate.Thankfully because of the modern world we live in, vegans have alternative food choices. To help out the people trying to include their vegan friends I can show you five recipes that vegans can eat.

The first recipe will be Potato Skins, this is a simple recipe. To start off, preheat your oven at 400 degrees. After preheating the oven, cut your potatoes in half. Then you can either scoop out the flesh until  there is only a thin layer of potato skins or you can scoop only part of the flesh out. After doing so, pour some pizza sauce into the newly made potato dent.Then use some type of vegan cheese to place on the top of the pizza sauce. You can either leave the pizza that way,or add vegan pepperoni, vegan sausage or veggie toppings. When done personalizing your potato skins, put them in the oven for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes your potato skins are finished and ready for the party. 

Sweets are loved by many. Whether you have diet restrictions people always make a way for everyone to have sweets that includes vegans. That is why the next recipe is Rice Krispie Treats. Making vegan rice krispie treats is a little different from regular ones as you have to make them with other ingredients.The first thing you want to do is add vegan butter to a medium headed pan. After the butter has melted,you want to add vegan marshmallows. Stir them together until  the marshmallows look gooey. In a separate bowl add one tablespoon of almond milk or oat milk, along with a pinch of salt. When that is done add the gooey marshmallows to the bowl. Then stir until everything is mixed well. Then add the mixture to your preferred tray (you can add food coloring to the rice krispies to make them look different). Wait a couple minutes for the marshmallows to set, then they are good to eat. 

There are so many pizza places around the world but, pizza is better when made at home, that way you can change  or design it anyway you want to.The next recipe is mini halloween pizzas. First thing to do is to preheat your oven to 400 degrees. You will then get your pizza crust that does not have eggs or milk in it, and cut it into mini shapes.When you are done cutting,find your pizza sauce and evenly spread it around your crust. Then get the vegan cheese of your choice and  put it on the top of the sauce. Then place the pizza in the oven for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes have passed,your mini halloween pizzas are ready! 

When Halloween rolls around there are always fake eyeballs, mummy’s, ghosts, and severed finger snacks. Using crescent dough sheets we are going to make severed fingers. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Then cut horizontally four inches of dough (depending on how long your dough sheet is you might have to cut it in half). After that you want to get about two or three tablespoons of strawberry jam and equally spread it in the middle of your cut dough square. You then want to roll the dough into a cylinder shape with the jam in the middle. Once you have done that you want to pinch the ends together so the jam does not leak out. Then put it into the oven for 30 minutes. When time is up let the finger’s sit for about five to ten minutes, then you want to put a little bit of jam on one end of the finger so it looks severed. On the other end you want to push the crust down with a spoon. Then you want to put a pinch of jam on the part of the crust you just pushed down. You will then need to find an almond and cut it in half. You want to take ½ of the almond and place it on the dented part of the finger. Place the ½ almond (white side up) gently on top of the pinch of jam so it looks like a fingernail. Then that is it, you are all done!

These recipes should help you include your vegan friends in the fun while at a party. Nobody likes being hungry at an entire party as it makes people want to leave so they can get something to eat. So make sure to include all your friends during your Halloween parties!

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