What Renovations Should OM Receive?

There’s something around here that needs to change!

Oakland Mills High School was built in 1973, and it shows. For one, the very obvious elephant in the room, or in this case the school, is the lack of space we have. Causing problems like too many students in classrooms and hallways, not enough gathering spaces for students, and even getting to the point of overcrowding. With such little space you would think it is easier to watch over students, however we have a very outdated security system that requires some upgrading as well. Not to mention our poor building and environment conditions, such as mold, leaky ceilings, unsafe air quality, and very poor requirements for the auditorium, all things that are hazards to the school community. Originally, Oakland Mills High School was due to be renovated around 2009, and after many pushed back dates later we have yet to see any changes. So, what do we want to see? 

 After asking many students from the OM community this same question, they have some opinions of their own. Many said they would love to see, the very obvious answer, bigger space within the school. Not only because of the tight space we have to travel through, but it would also help it become more organized . If you have ever traveled through Oakland Mills you know it can be kind of confusing with the mixed pattern of numbers on the doors, due to the later added wings. Some said they would love to see a bigger library that can supply more books and mangas to read. “Maybe adding a pool for more extracurricular activities for students,”said Kennedy Wright. Zahra Johnson added, “Better locker rooms, because the ones we have now are really run-down.” I personally would love to see a bigger gym, to allow for a higher capacity, or a better AC and heat system, because it can get really cold. 

Even though we have been put back on the list to be renovated on schedule, this is way overdue. Many children and teachers have gone in and out of Oakland Mills High school without seeing any sort of changes or renovations, and finally we will see a difference!

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