Christmas Lights

When Christmas lights should really be put up

During the holiday season, most homeowners enjoy decorating their homes with Christmas lights, whether it’s lights across a house or an inflatable Santa on the roof. Even simple lights on your railings out front can do the job. Regardless of the type of person you are, most of us enjoy decorating our homes during the holidays. 

The time of the month to put them up varies depending on the person, some people start early and some get them done just days before Christmas. However, the truly perfect time to put up your Christmas lights is the weekend of December 10th and 11th. This is right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which makes this timeline not too early or too late. This weekend is also about two weeks away from Christmas, therefore, the scenery of your home stays fresh while counting down the days until Christmas. Compare that to if you were to put them up on the first of December; you would eventually get bored of your lights after being up for almost a whole month.

Putting up Christmas lights as early as November just doesn’t make sense at all. Why put up your Christmas lights before Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is supposed to give a fall vibe, not a winter and Christmas vibe. The one and only exception for putting them up this early is if you are going all out. When I say “all out” though, I mean you’ve got inflatables, lights all across the house, Santa on the roof with his reindeer, a big Christmas tree out front, and little figures all across the yard such as elves or snowmen. However, putting up lights right after Thanksgiving is a little more reasonable, but will just get old after over a month of having them up.

If we all were to just wait until the 10th of December or anytime around the 10th, the Christmas season will be more significant and feel truly special. We can still have the Christmas spirit and listen to all the Christmas music we want, but just don’t put the lights and decorations up too early. This way, the Christmas spirit won’t die off halfway through December because of people wanting to start celebrating too quickly.

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