Valentines Date Ideas

For Duos and Singles

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, laughter, and corny messages. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get dressed up and go out… but it is also the perfect time to stay home and indulge in some Ben and Jerry’s. Whether you have a valentine, or you are your own valentine, here are some different date ideas to get you in the lovey-dovey spirit on February 14th.

For Couples:

1. Go Out to Dinner

The first one is simple, but one that proves the test of time. Now, I am not talking about McDonald’s or Taco Bell, I am talking about sit-down restaurants. Dress up a little, get some good food, and take some cute pictures. Spending time with your partner is the best way to strengthen your relationship. To name a few local options, BJ’s Brewhouse, Olive Garden, Maggianos, La Palapa Too, Tino’s Italian Bistro, Uncle Julios, and River Hill Grill are all fantastic restaurants nearby.

2. Takeout and a Movie

Another simple one here, but a timeless one at that. Grab some comfy clothes, your favorite takeout spread, and the latest romantic comedy movie like Senior Year, A Perfect Pairing and Slumberland. Cuddle up on the couch, eat your takeout, and watch your movie(s). Just go with the flow and let the night lead itself.

3. Make Breakfast for Dinner 

Here is a date that does not require leaving your house. Cozy up in your pj’s and make some breakfast for dinner! Matching Valentine pajamas would take this date the extra mile. Some breakfast foods that would be great are, pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs, bacon, and omelets.(P.S. Target is selling mini heart shaped waffles makers for only $9.99).

4. Indoor Rock Climbing

This one is for the adventurous couple. Indoor rock climbing is a great active way to spend time together. You can either climb together, or one can belay while the other climbs (strengthening trust). Both Movement Columbia and ClimbZone offer local indoor climbing. Climb until your heart’s content, and then go out for dessert!

5. Main Event Columbia

Main Event offers food, an arcade, and a bowling alley. Plus, it is right next to the movie theater and would make for a perfect pre-movie date. Play your favorite games and eat some food together!

6. Go for a Drive

Last but not least! This date is very relaxing and requires nothing but a car (and gas). Grab your valentine, drive around, and listen to your favorite songs together. You can make stops, or simply drive around and spend time in each other’s company. 

For Singles:

1. Spa Night

You deserve to treat yourself! Go to any store and buy some face masks, nail polish, and other self-care items. Also, be sure to grab your favorite snacks! Turn on a movie, open the snacks, eat, and do some self-care.

2. Coffee Shop and Books

Do you like to read? How about reading with coffee, hot cocoa, or tea?  Treat yourself to your favorite drink, grab a book, sit inside a coffee shop, and enjoy the ambiance. 

3. Ice Cream and Movie

Go to the store, get a pint (or two!) of your favorite ice cream and then sit on your couch and watch a movie. Hoodies, blankets, or better yet, a hoodie blanket… would be the best way to enjoy the ice cream and the movie.

4. Go for a Drive and get Fast Food

Get in your car, go get some Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Shake Shack, or your favorite fast food! After you have gotten your food, go park somewhere, turn on music or your favorite Netflix show, eat and enjoy your own company.

5. Get Crafty

You do not necessarily have to be the artsy type for this one. There are many stores and places around that offer affordable craft supplies. Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart. all have many crafts available, some Valentine themed and some not. They can range from beginner to expert, but I promise they are all fun. Go buy yourself a kit, find a quiet place and do your craft! 

Valentine’s Day does NOT have to be solely for those in a relationship. The holiday is meant to be celebrated by all. The season of love means love is meant to be spread around and shared. Love others and respect them, but above all else, love and respect yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day to the couples and the singles, may you all find happiness!

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