The Importance of Black History Month

Every February, Black History Month (BHM) is celebrated by POC (people of color) to look back and honor the achievements of black activists and look back on how far we have come to give us feeling of relief. To give a very brief history of BHM, it all began in 1915, almost a century after the passing of the 13th amendment that made slavery illegal. … Continue reading The Importance of Black History Month

Native American Heritage Month

A Brief History of Thanksgiving When we hear โ€œNovember,โ€ the first thing that probably comes to mind is Thanksgiving, a treasured holiday celebrated by millions of people. Families gather around, lots of food and laughter, maybe even some football on the tv. November is also known as Native American Heritage month, where people celebrate Native American cultures. The history of Native American cultures is quite … Continue reading Native American Heritage Month