2020 Election Results

According to CNN, with a total of 273 electoral votes, former vice president, Joe Biden, has won the presidential election against standing president, Donald Trump. November 2nd marked the beginning of another United States election year. Millions of United States citizens cast their ballots to be counted on or by Election Day. On November 5th, CNN reported that Biden was ahead of President Donald Trump … Continue reading 2020 Election Results

Halloween At The White House

On Sunday, November the 25th, The First Lady, Melania Trump, and the President, Donald Trump, hosted a Halloween social event at the White House. Located on the South Lawn, school children and the families of our military and front line workers made their way through a path of Halloween decorations, candy stations, and fun activities.  Covid-19 precautions were put into place to keep the event … Continue reading Halloween At The White House

Virtual Learning: Going Back

After semester one, Howard County is planning on going back into the buildings using a hybrid model of learning. If you were unaware, the hybrid model proposed for Howard County is that students will be divided into two groups, labeled “A” and “B.”  The “A” group will be in the buildings on Mondays and Tuesdays doing synchronous work while the “B” group will go on … Continue reading Virtual Learning: Going Back

California Wildfires Rage Through The West Coast

September 8th marked the beginning of the worst wildfire season in the state of California. More than 8,200 fires have burned over four million acres on the west coast and have taken over 30 lives since they began. So far, California has had 5 out of 6 of the largest wildfires the state has ever witnessed.  According to the CAL_FIRE twitter account, as of October … Continue reading California Wildfires Rage Through The West Coast

Meet Mr. White, OM’s Newest AP – By: Kylee Hoffman and Jada Fowler

Have you met the new, calamari-loving, track and field watching, 10th-grade assistant principal, Mr. White? Mr. White does not only want to be our educator, but he also intends to be a support system and friend to the students of OM. Mr. White attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) where he majored in Elementary Education for five years. After graduating, he split his time between … Continue reading Meet Mr. White, OM’s Newest AP – By: Kylee Hoffman and Jada Fowler