Welcome hOMe Mr. McCaskill!

If you had to rate how excited you were to come to OM this school year, what number would you say? For Mr. McCaskill, OM’s newest 11th grade assistant principal (AP), that number is a definite 10! Mr. McCaskill is not exactly new to our cOMmunity, but he is now filling bigger shoes.  He started out at OM in 2019 as a social studies teacher, … Continue reading Welcome hOMe Mr. McCaskill!

The Life of Betty White

Betty White was “a warm and popular presence,” according to People Magazine, whose issue celebrating White’s 100th birthday, was published on December 29, 2021. White passed away peacefully just two days later in her Los Angeles home on December 31, 2021. Set to turn 100 on January 17, 2022, White was one of the few Hollywood actors whose career spanned nearly 70 years. White graced … Continue reading The Life of Betty White

Attack On The Capitol

On January 6, supporters of President Trump stormed the United States Capitol causing mass destruction and chaos. Throughout the day, there were chants screamed, doors busted down, windows broken, shots fired, injured police officers and five civilians dead.  Starting the night of January 5, many people boarded flights and booked hotel rooms, making arrangements to stay in the District of Columbia to protest the next … Continue reading Attack On The Capitol