Are You Desensitized to Violence?

Desensitization, a term defined by as being the behavior modification technique, used especially in treating phobias, in which panic or other undesirable emotional response to a given stimulus is reduced or extinguished, especially by repeated exposure to that stimulus. It is a term you’ll frequently see in psychiatry or in any field of psychology for that matter, but you may also be more familiar … Continue reading Are You Desensitized to Violence?

CoEd or Single-Sex Education?

     Oakland Mills High School is the home of the Scorpions and is known for its diversity. Those belonging to a large variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures can be found in this school. In addition to these very important aspects of identity, one can also be defined by their sex. In the school setting, many have been in academic environments where their peer … Continue reading CoEd or Single-Sex Education?

Online Education: Is It Better or Worse for Us?

  Human civilization as we know it is roughly only about six thousand years old, according to Universe Today. However, as time passes and our species develops new technology, lifestyles, economies and much more, our education systems grow and change as well. For many centuries, our method of education has been face to face between an instructor and student. With incorporating more technology into our … Continue reading Online Education: Is It Better or Worse for Us?

Smartphones: How Do They Really Affect Us?

Starting in the late 2000s, it was not uncommon to see a smartphone in the hands of neighbors, friends, family and even strangers wherever you went. According to Digital Unite, the smartphone are new breeds of mobile phones that have multiple functions similar to those you might expect from a regular computer, and typically include a touchscreen interface, internet access and an operating system capable … Continue reading Smartphones: How Do They Really Affect Us?