New Rose-Gold Macbook

By: Shaquon Anderson

You have seen the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad, but have you seen the Apple Rose-Gold Macbook Pro? The Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro was introduced in the WWDC event on June 13, 2016. According to, it is 25% faster than the previous MacBook.

One of several pros with this new MacBook Pro is the fact that its speed has increased. The GeekBench browser—which measures the computer’s processor and memory performance—has also been improved to make it quicker to download important files that the user might need for work or school.

Another pro of the Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro is that the product weighs a bit less. By doing this, it is now easier to carry around and puts less stress on the back or shoulder. This MacBook Pro is 13.1 millimeters thick and weighs 2.03 pounds, which makes it lighter than the MacBook Air, a previous model in the Macbook line of products. The Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro also comes in three different colors—space grey, gold, rose-gold, and silver—thereby increasing the color variety from a bland silver color.

One of the cons that consumers might find about the Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro is that the product is slightly more expensive compared to other high-end laptops. The price of the Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro is a hefty $1,299 dollars, excluding the USB-C Port (which helps the MacBook Pro read and execute program instructions) that people have to buy along with it. According to, “This is one of the first laptops in the market to use Intel’s low-power core processor”. The FaceTime camera will also be a problem if the user likes Skype because Apple didn’t give enough time towards the shockingly low 720p resolution camera..

Another con about the Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro is that the battery life is not sufficient. However, Apple states that the new MacBook comes with a terraced battery design is layered in individual sheets, packing the product with 35% more battery capacity than would be possible with traditional battery. This basically means around an average of nine hours of wireless web browsing and ten hours of movie playback.

Overall, the new Apple Rose-Gold MacBook Pro is not handy. In all, the speed has increased, as well as been made to be less strenuous to carry. However, it pales to be more affordable to consumers, and the battery life continues to not improve. Like any Apple product, people will have to weigh the good and bad and decide if they will choose style over cost among other things.

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