OM 2016-2017 Officers

By: Blen Asres

     The Student Government Association (SGA) elections for the 2016-2017 officers have come to a close. Many people ran for positions on Executive Board and for being class officers. This year, SGA accomplished many feats—which included getting a spring spirit week on the week of prom, setting up the hallway night decorations, and planning and embellishing Homecoming.

     The President of the Executive Board was Deep Biswas, a 2016 graduating senior at Oakland Mills. The Executive Board is in charge of planning and setting up homecoming, as well as determining what the theme is for homecoming. They also decide what the winter and now spring spirit weeks will be. Aside from that, the First Vice President of Executive Board was Katherina Stockford, who was also a senior at Oakland Mills. The other officers on the board included Maddy Tasker as Second Vice, Rosa Kirk-Davidoff as Secretary, and Julia Pomerantez as Treasurer.

     The Scroll talked to Deep Biswas about his time as President of Executive Board and how he feels SGA has impacted him as a person. When asked what he was proudest of accomplishing during his time in office, he said,“I think we’ve taken major strides in trying new things. For example, we pursued Scorp Time, which would have been catered time that students can use to either study or see teachers that they need to see.” He continued on to say “We also tried to do a carnival instead of a parade for homecoming week.” Along with this, he stated that his favorite part about being apart of SGA was “being given the freedom to lead a group of accomplished students, finding a DJ for homecoming, and being given an opportunity to pursue things that I felt would benefit the student body.”

     As for the class officers and those who are going to hold the positions on Executive Board in the 2016-2017 school year, there are four current positions that have been transferred. Rosa Kirk-Davidoff, the former Secretary, will be replacing Biswas as President. First Vice will go to Maddy Tasker, Second Vice will be Kayla Burch-Strong, and Secretary will become Blen Asres.

     For Class of 2017, the President will be C.C. Denne, Vice President will be Gintare Meizys, Secretary will be Zoe Smith, Ifeoluwa Ajayi as Treasurer, and Zach Canter as the SGA Representative. The President of the Class of 2018 will be Maggie Attridge, Vice President will be Haley Brecht, Secretary will be Madelyn Harris, Treasurer will be Micah Lee, and SGA Representative will be Sofeeyah Lloyd.  Class of 2019 will have Mariah Titus as their President, Jacqueline Buie as their Vice President, and Fatou Jagne as their SGA Representative.

     The powers were transferred on May 19, and the new Executive Board members, along with the new class officers, will be choosing next year’s homecoming theme soon. It would be the first of many decisions to follow.

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