Artist Spotlight: Jon Bellion



     Looking for new music to vibe to? Here’s a suggestion: Jon Bellion. He is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper who is signed with Capitol Records and the Visionary Music Group. Released two albums of his own, he has also collaborated with other artists like Zedd, Logic, and Jason Derulo.

   Influences from many genres are apparent throughout his music. According to an interview with Jon on The Daily Buzz, his debut album “The Definition” was inspired by J. Dilla and Pixar movies. When asked to elaborate on this, Jon said, “Imagine if J.Dilla created a Pixar movie, that’s how I want my music to sound”. It is not surprising, with an answer like this, that many find it hard to really place Jon Bellion into one category. His songs have been referred to as Hip Hop and Contemporary R&B, as well as Indie Rock and Pop.

    One of Jon’s biggest influences on his music is Hip Hop. This is made very clear in his most recent album “The Human Condition.” In many songs, particularly “Morning In America” and “Hands of God“, the blending of drums and electronic beats—common musical devices used in Hip Hop—can be distinctly heard. As Jon Bellion grew up listening to rap and hip-hop, he describes his musical influences in his song “Preoccupied” with the lyrics “Wu-Tang raised me but death cab changed me. You should go and ask Rihanna if the pen game’s crazy. My artistry is everything, that’s my baby.”

    Jon is a talented lyricist, and has also become a DJ over the years. With his contemporary style of witty one liners, as well as his ability to write from deep within himself—his spirit shines through his lyrics. He uses vivid language to create new and exciting stories with each of his songs, making his music resonate in one’s soul. Jon Bellion writes about anything and everything on his mind, and he has no shortage of inspiring messages. From rapping about his journey through his musical career to singing about his faith, he captures the experiences of many with his songs and reels in the attention of anyone who listens. If his music leaves only one impression, it’s this: the craving for more.

This music review consists of background about the artist, the style of music he produces and his inspirations. Any inappropriate content found in his music is not promoted or endorsed by The Scroll.

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