Thirteen Things to Know About 13 Reasons Why

The new Netflix original show 13 Reasons Why has become an extremely popular topic of conversation recently, drawing the attention of teens and adults alike. 13 Reasons Why tackles issues regarding bullying and teen suicide, and shines a light on how school systems handle such events. While the series does many things right, it has its downfalls as well. With all the controversy revolving around … Continue reading Thirteen Things to Know About 13 Reasons Why

It’s All In Your Head

       We all have set ideas about mental illnesses––but what many people do not understand is that those who are afflicted with mental illnesses not only suffer from the symptoms of their disease, but also face the many stereotypes and prejudices that come with it. Below are a few common misconceptions that people with mental illnesses face, followed by evidence revealing the terrible … Continue reading It’s All In Your Head

Artist Spotlight: Jon Bellion

           Looking for new music to vibe to? Here’s a suggestion: Jon Bellion. He is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper who is signed with Capitol Records and the Visionary Music Group. Released two albums of his own, he has also collaborated with other artists like Zedd, Logic, and Jason Derulo.    Influences from many genres are apparent throughout his music. … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Jon Bellion