J.L.R. –– First Edition

Why do you have to go into debt in order to have credit to buy more stuff?????

Dear Credit Union,

Go you! Everyone assumes that we should know the answer to that question because we are all about to get thrown into the real world, but not everyone does. So props to you. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I knew the answer to that question off the top of my head because I didn’t. But this is definitely a Catch-22.

Basically, if you want to rent an apartment, buy a car, or do super adult things, you have to have credit. To get credit, you have to be in debt, but not the horrible debt that we always think about. It’s not debt like the type we have after getting college loans. For example, another way to get debt is that when you buy a car. Let’s say that the car costs $20,000. You’ll put a down payment of $10,000,  but you still have the other half to pay. You’re basically borrowing $10,000 from the car dealership, and by doing this you’ll have to pay back the $10,000 plus interest. You have to accumulate some debt, then pay it off to build good credit. If you don’t pay it off within a reasonable amount of time, you’ll increase your interest and it will become increasingly difficult to pay off your debt. Once you have payed off your debt and kept up with it, you are proving that you’re responsible. Your credit score will go up, allowing you to be able to buy more things.

It’s all a test so the bank can trust you with the loan, and based on your credit score, you pay it back promptly. Although kind of ridiculous, it makes sense. They can’t trust you without you proving to them that they can. However, the best way for you to build your credit score would be to get a credit card and use it once a month then pay it off at the end of each month. This is the safest way to build a good credit score. Anyway, thanks for the question––I hope I helped somehow!


J. ❤

Why don’t people just tell the truth? Why do they have to toy with others’ emotions? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Dear Person Who Asked The Question Everyone Thinks,

I could answer this with psychology or proven facts or some other sciencey response, but the truth is I don’t think it’s just that. People are just rude sometimes for some uncalled reason that they can’t explain. I’ll try to explain it though from my experiences. We want attention. When someone shows interest in you, you automatically feel better about yourself and want them to always compliment and see you as this amazingly, beautiful, awesome, cool person. They feed off of your love and they abuse it. I don’t know if people mean to do it in some cases, but in the end it boils down to the many selfish tendencies that humans have intrinsically.

Most people who toy with emotions and don’t tell the truth are just helping themselves and hurting others in the process. Humans just want to please themselves to gain some kind of confirmation that we ARE desirable. You, as the nice person I’m sure you are, have to understand that you are doing just that for them. I want you to understand that you are worth everything good in this world and that your love should never be toyed with. Your emotions are precious, and I think you should keep them and save them for someone who will respect you and loves you. People are just jerks sometimes, keep your head up and I hope this helped you!



L. (:

Apples or oranges and lemons or bananas?

Dear Fruit Lover,

Honestly, this question is way more difficult than you probably intended for it to be. You have to look at it through the pairings of each fruit; which would taste better together? Which two have the most strengths? Weaknesses? Is there any significant meaning behind the question? Can the fruits help you?

Choosing between apples or oranges is something that has actually sparked an actual argument through generations. Comparing the two is actually a prime example of two things that can not exactly be compared. Both fruits practically incomparable, yet we find significance in the fact that both are delicious, and both can improve your health. Back in the olden days, they were also used to clean teeth before toothbrushes were actually invited. Now oranges can create orange juice, which is such a thirst quenching necessity. However, since apples have a lot of sugar in them, we later found out apples can cause tooth erosion (The Telegraph). Oranges are also very juicy, but messy, and peeling them can also be a pain. If you like sugar, and are too lazy to peel, apples are the right choice for you.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? What would the world do without lemonade? Hands down, lemonade is one of the most important drinks for any kind of day. It is a go-to drink when you want something sour, yet sweet. There would be no lemonade without lemons. I think that almost everybody has made the mistake of tasting a lemon, and they are very, very bitter. Bananas are very good for cramps, but some people may not like the texture of them. They are also high in fiber, which may not be good if you’re not going to be around a bathroom for a while. If you like a sour and sweet approach, and you care about texture, lemons are the choice for you.

Let’s cut to the chase: this is all based on your own preference. If you’re really having this much difficulty picking which fruit to eat, always look at the positives and negatives of each fruit, like how I just gave. I personally have apples every day and I love the taste, and I think oranges are too messy, therefore I would chose apples. I have lemonade every time I go out to eat, so I really couldn’t live without lemonade. I don’t care for the texture of bananas, so I’d rather chose lemons. In these types of situations in general, you have to weigh the options. Whichever side has more benefits, that is what you should choose.


R.  ✌

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