Meet the Staff: Ms.Vann

Francois Rabelais once said that “ignorance is the mother of fear, and fear is the mother of prejudice.” This quote has been passed down from one of her teachers to one of the newest staff members here at the hOMe of the scorpions. Ms. Angela Vann is the newest addition to the special education team at Oakland Mills High School, and while her Scorpion tale has just begun, her educational tale goes back many years.

Born in Pennsylvania, Ms. Vann has always looked up to her father as inspiration growing up. Attending the home of the Panthers, or Central Dauphin East High School in Harrisburg, PA, Ms. Vann further expanded her educational journey when she attended Morgan State University in Baltimore. Finally, it was at McDaniel College in Westminster where she got her Master’s in Special Ed, and since then, she’s never looked back. Ms. Vann has been a special educator for 23 years, and even owned a tanning salon on the side.

Some favorite pastimes of Ms. Vann includes reading and baking. She likes lasagna, but she also likes all types of food. She has no kids, but many books since one of her favorite pastimes is reading. According to Ms. Vann, her daily routine includes “getting up at 4:30 am…music…smoothies…going to work…and music.

As Ms. Vann starts life at a new school, she looks forward to getting to know students, as well as learning more about their stories. Once again, the hOMe of the scorpions, is proud to welcome its latest edition of the special education team. Good luck starting a new chapter with us, Ms. Vann!

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