History of Valentine’s Day!


Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the second-largest card-giving holiday right after Christmas?

Valentine’s Day is a well-known holiday in the U.S. and other places around the world, but it is by no means a modern concept. This holiday began many centuries ago, more specifically, it started somewhere in the 5th century. However, despite how sweet the holiday has become, the origin isn’t as sweet and romantic. 

It all started with a holiday known as Lupercalia, which was the celebration of the god of fertility. The rituals in this celebration were strange and grotesque, but it opened doors to a new and love-filled holiday.

Valentine’s Day is also rumored to be based on the love story of a Roman man and his jailer’s daughter. The man, Valentine, was sentenced to death for marrying Christians illegally. During his imprisonment, he tutored a blind girl named Julia and supposedly, after they prayed together, her sight was restored. It’s said that on the eve of his beheading, he wrote her a note signed “your Valentine,” which is where the saying comes from.

It turns out that the little cupids that everyone loves came from the Roman god of love, Cupid. The little cherubs are extremely popular around Valentine’s Day, popping up on many advertisements and cards for loved ones. Despite the cherubs coming from a religious background, Valentine’s Day no longer revolves around religion. It is simply being celebrated for fun and love for those around you. And on top of that, Americans send around 145 million Valentine’s Day cards a year! That’s a lot of love to go around!

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