OMHS Presents Footloose: The Musical


Get ready because in March OMHS will be premiering Footloose: The Musical! It will be “big, bold, and physical!” says Ms. Hoffen, the Director who is excited for everyone to see what’s in store. The show will run for four nights. On March 5th, 6th and 7th, it will be showing at 7:00 PM and on March 8th at 2:00 PM. Tickets will be priced at $10 per person, available for purchase starting in February. 


Footloose: The Musical will feature all the iconic songs and characters that are in the original musical. The show will follow “Ren McCormack”, played by Theo Yu, who will embark on an adventure with his friends to bring music back to Bomont, West Virginia. The female lead “Ariel Moore” will be played by Faith Highland. Other major characters are “Rusty Rodriguez”, played by Xan Hopkins, “Rev. Shaw Moore”, played by Gareth Buda, “Chuck Cranston”, played by Keaton Faria, and “Willard Hewitt”, played by Chase Truitt.


Hoffen said she chose to show Footloose: The Musical because she was looking for a “big dance show”, and after talking about the matter with the Pit Director, she knew Footloose was the show she had been searching for. She says viewers should expect high energy, creativity, and a sense of community. As the costume director, she’s especially planning to convey creativity through the costumes. Hoffen compares the planned costumes to the archaic ones worn in the Netflix hit horror tv show, Stranger Things. 


As I talked to Chase Truitt, one of the actors, about his role in the musical, he expressed the ways in which he tries to with his character. “I try to break down my character. I try to figure out what makes him tick, what makes him human.” One of his favorite things to rehearse is his character’s southern accent. Truitt also appeared in Alice in Wonderland, a school play from earlier this year. In fact, many of the cast appearing in Footloose: The Musical were also in Alice in Wonderland. However, one differing factor between the two OMHS shows is the turnout for auditions. Hoffen said around seventy-five people auditioned for Footloose, which is twice as many as Alice in Wonderland


Besides being a musical, Hoffen says Footloose will be more focused on a “pedestrian world” with big dances, songs, and costumes. The cast are all excited for the big show day! For those who would still like to be apart of the show, but missed auditions, there will be a tech list posted outside Hoffen’s classroom, which is near the lunchroom. You can sign up to help out with the production of the show. Don’t forget, come check out Footloose: The Musical in March!

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