10 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy During quarantine by Amanda Soustek

  1. Go outside! Getting outside and doing things has been proven to help your mental health.  A lot of people have been feeling down in these hard times, but going outside and staying active can help improve your mental state.
  2. Work out! There are plenty of workout apps and videos you can do to come out of quarantine a whole new person! Working out can help keep you happy by releasing dopamine which is a chemical we all have that makes us happy. I suggest the Chloe Ting Youtube channel that provides a variety of ab workouts!
  3. Keep a healthy sleep schedule! A regular sleep schedule – which is around eight hours per night – can boost your mental health and it can keep you feeling great and more motivated to take on the day.
  4. Try out new recipes! You can try anything from a new and fun smoothie to a healthy cookie by using just the stuff in your house. There are plenty of fun easy recipes on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  5. Find a new hobby! Whether it is making friendship bracelets or drawing, see what creative activities you may have around your house. Having a hobby can help you keep your mind off the troubling times we’re in right now.
  6. Focus on you! Find a good routine that may limit the time you spend watching or reading the news about what’s been going on around us. You may find that your outlook and mood will become more positive. 
  7. Learn a Tik Tok dance! There are plenty of dances on Tik Tok that you can learn that would keep you entertained and active. You can even create your own!
  8. Clean! Being in a clean and nice environment can help your mental health, and it’s also a good idea to keep clean, especially right now with the outbreak of the virus.
  9. Talk to friends! Talking with people can help you feel less alone. There are many apps to use to call friends like: Zoom, Facetime, House Party, or even Airtime if you want to watch shows or movies with your friends. 
  10. Go for a walk or bike ride! In Columbia, there are parks and miles of bike paths to use to help you stay active.

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