Escapism, Reality, and The Definition of Being Alive By: Chase Truitt

Thanks to quarantine I have learned a new skill

It’s a tricky little thing to be able to pull off but when it works

I get transported to a new world.

Escapism- The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy

I talk to the winds outside of my windows

I thank them for listening, for caring, for being

I thank them the way they need it

And in return; I give them my dreams

I tell them about a future 

I tell them something so secret I almost can’t say it

No, I can’t even think it

Somewhere so secret where love blooms like the flowers of spring

And trees bear the sweetest of fruit

I tell them about a life free from perils 

Lacking anxiety

Lacking hopelessness

Reality- The world or state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea about them

It’s a funny idea

The fact you get mad at the world for hurting you  

yet you set yourself up for it

Time and time again

Don’t fly too close to the sun said Daedalus

Yet Icarus was drawn to it

Almost like a sailor to a siren

Don’t trust too many people

Don’t let them in right away 

I didn’t listen

I don’t think I was smart enough to listen

Alive- Knowing or realizing the existence of something 

A broken faucet

Water stained ceilings 

A broken dresser

Cracked tiles

A tear-streaked face

Empty cabinets

A broken heart

One whispered goodnight


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