Perks of Quarantine: Binging Series by: Jada Barnes

We have officially been in quarantine for a little over two months, and some people may call it a blessing in disguise. We get to not only sleep an unlimited amount of sleep, but we get to binge-watch show after show, season after season, without any distractions. That’s a win, right? Well, here is another one, I am about to tell you the top binge-watched series during the quarantine. I just may be your savior from binge-watching a show you have watched already. According to my research, here are the top five most binge-worthy series. 

“Stranger Things” is a supernatural show that surrounds a group of kids. I mean it’s not my cup of tea, but people seem to crave the show. If you are one of those people that love the supernatural type of entertainment, go to Netflix, grab some popcorn, and start binging! 

Next up, we have “The Circle.” I have personally binge-watched this show and it was amazing! It’s full of surprises, drama, and hidden identities. If you like to watch shows that will have you on the edge of your seat at the end of every episode, then this show is the show to watch. Multiple people play a game, a game where anything goes and there is every man for themselves. 

Next, we have “The Punisher.” Now, this show has brutality, action, and show-stopping drama. It has three seasons and the star of the show is John Bernthal, who plays Frank Castle. Frank is constantly taking out the bad guys and trying to avenge the deaths of his late wife and children. Frank Castle is one of the most ruthless men you could ever meet. Watch this show if you want to laugh, cry, and be afraid.  

Another show to watch is “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” It seems like every person in the world has watched it before, so I’ll go ahead and recommend it. This show is a horror series based on a comic book with the same name. This show has cliffhangers, drama, tragedy, and every other emotion balled into one. It’s bound to make you scoot to the edge of your seats. 

“Grey’s Anatomy” is the #1 medical series in the world. This show has office romance, tragedy, luck, and a bunch of medical drama. This show will reel you in within just one episode. “Grey’s Anatomy” gives insight into what seems like real medical mysteries. This show never ceases to amaze anyone who watches it; you won’t be disappointed. 

 Then, there is “Supernatural.” “Supernatural” is on its fifteenth and final season. These two brothers, Sam and Dean have been to hell and back – literally! They also stopped the apocalypse from happening! This show is filled with tragedy, mishap, war, and a great amount of luck.  I mean, come on, if that’s not eye-catching then I have no idea what is. 

Last, but not least on my list we have “You.” If you want crazy, this is definitely the show to watch. This show about a stalker includes so much drama that it could make your head quite literally spin. 

Watch these shows and you are bound to have a more enjoyable time during this quarantine! Although there is a lot of tragedy and uncertainty in these times, this virus can be looked at in a positive light. We have the opportunity to sit at home and catch up on many shows we just usually don’t have time for. The shows listed above can help you get through your boredom quickly and, hey, you might even learn something! I promise you it will be worth your while – Netflix has been adding more and more shows to keep everyone entertained during this unprecedented time. 

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