A Look into the Animal Crossing Villager Ranking System by:Amanda Soustek

“Animal Crossing New Horizons” is the newest title from Animal Crossing. With it, there came many new villagers. These villagers quickly gained a fan base like the smug heterochromia business cat named Raymond or the rainbow tie-dye wearing sheep named Dom. All these villagers have gained major traction and admiration among players. Many people have ranked villagers by popularity with Marshall being number one, Ramond number two, and Sherp (another new villager) number three. People tend to rank these villagers based on cuteness like super cute Judy. They also rank them based on how funny their commentary is like the sheep clown Pietro saying, “I love what they’ve done here with this stone. Just think of the potential” to a stone sitting in the middle of a walkway. People tend to sell higher-ranked villagers by using Nook Mile Tickets (NMT) which are used to go to different islands to find other villagers. They are also really hard to get if you’re just playing for fun. Villagers like Raymond who are tier one could be worth up to 1000 NMT and tier two could be worth up to 100 NMT. Some people are even using real money to get a lot of tickets. A lot of players are against the selling of villagers because it isn’t the point if the game, but the game is meant to be played how one wants to play it. People also have favorite villagers that are not popular at all and that’s because they have been with them since they started their island. For me, it’s Goose and Cherry who I would never get rid of. I also have tier one ranked Judy but I still prefer tier five Goose over her. Rankings in Animal Crossing don’t generally work due to everyone liking different villagers. You shouldn’t care whether the villager is popular or not, instead, you should care whether you’re happy with the villager. Either way, the ranking system excludes and bashes “ugly” looking villagers who might be very nice like Hazel who is a squirrel with a unibrow who is beloved by some. All villagers have one of eight different personalities from Uchi to cranky which basically makes each villager unique and like their own person. So if you play Animal Crossing, you should think about if you are playing for fun or for gain. 

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