The Pandemic: Heroes In Healthcare by: Jada Barnes

  The Coronavirus has shaken the nation’s systems by becoming deadlier by the minute and more dangerous by the hour. During this time, there are people who want to work and people who need to work. If you want to find a hero, or better yet, thousands of them, look no farther than our own healthcare system.

The Coronavirus outbreak began many months ago. We were warned before then, but because it wasn’t as close as we thought, most of us overlooked the severity of the virus. Almost four months ago the pandemic hit our entire nation at full force and to this day we are all still paying the full repercussions for it, especially healthcare workers. Hospitals can’t close because even if it’s not the virus making people sick, other illnesses still need to be addressed by our healthcare workers. These healthcare officials include surgeons, doctors, nurses, physicians, and even receptionists, billing workers, and coders. They have all been greatly affected by the increase in demand at most hospitals across the country. They often have to risk their health and safety by working around the clock in the front lines of the pandemic. Every single person that works in the healthcare system can be thought of as a hero. All heroes don’t wear capes; in this case, they wear scrubs. 

I have a mom that works in a hospital. A hospital that has become her home over the last several months. As someone that has a parent in the healthcare industry, it can very hard at times. I can see how the work drains my mom and how quickly and forcefully it has taken a toll on her body and energy. The danger that she puts herself in every time she goes to work – sometimes overnight and sometimes from the early morning deep into the evening hours – is heartbreaking. There are thousands of others that are going through the same thing that my mother has to go through each day. I wish things could change, but these superheroes have lives to save, it’s just what heroes do.

The Coronavirus has taken our lives by storm. It has completely changed our routines, daily lives, and work. Like any change, this has taken time to get used to and it definitely hasn’t been easy. There still isn’t an end in sight as of yet, so we still have time before these superheroes get to rest and everything can go back to normal. Let’s not forget the heroes that are fighting daily to restore our health and our sense of normalcy.

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