Meet Mr. Lo – By: David Afforo and Na’jhay Whren-Jones

Make way, OMHS. The mathematics department has a new teacher in town, and his name is Mr. Peter Kwok Kuen Lo (or you can call him Mr. Lo for short)! And on top of that, he is truly new to Howard County, and we are excited to have him!

Mr. Lo was born into a family that is rooted in the computer science industry. Growing up, he saw numbers as something natural. He has always felt comfortable talking about them and saw teaching mathematics as a perfect career fit for him. Mr. Lo went to college at St. Mary’s College where he majored in Math, but before that, he had a side job at Target where he was exposed to the concepts of teamwork. It was while giving a presentation in college, when a student left him a thank you note, that he knew he found his calling in teaching. 

Mr. Lo sees math as a subject that can be challenging for many. He understands that things can happen during the day that can cause problems and that things can happen in life that may cause difficulties in learning and focus. Even though he does not have any kids, he still can put himself in the shoes of students since he has a nephew who he uses as a reminder of how to handle situations within the classroom. 

Aside from teaching, Mr. Lo’s favorite hobbies are going bowling, watching hockey on TV, and going for a jog. He also likes Toy Story 3 and is an avid music fan with a simple love for the well-known singer and actress, Whitney Houston (that’s usually what’s playing while he’s driving to the school building).

Mr. Lo defines success as reaching for your goals. He says to know what you want to achieve in your mind and go for it, and he is spot on! That’s why on behalf of Oakland Mills High School, we are proud to welcome you to the hOMe of the scorpions.

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