California Wildfires Rage Through The West Coast

September 8th marked the beginning of the worst wildfire season in the state of California. More than 8,200 fires have burned over four million acres on the west coast and have taken over 30 lives since they began. So far, California has had 5 out of 6 of the largest wildfires the state has ever witnessed. 

According to the CAL_FIRE twitter account, as of October 7th, 15,520 firefighters from 308 fire crews have worked to battle the blazes from 23 active fires. 1,400 fire engines along with 210 bulldozers, 338 water tenders, and 101 assigned aircrafts have been used to contain the flames. 

As the nation’s first gigafire, the August Complex fire, has burned over 1 million acres of land since August 16th. This is the largest wildfire ever recorded in California history. On October 8th, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection stated that the August Complex fire was 62 percent contained.

There are three other fires still ravaging throughout northern California. The Creek Fire has burned over 300,000 acres of land and is only 49 percent contained. The Glass Fire has burned over 60,000 acres with 66 percent of its flames contained. The Zogg fire has burned over 55,000 acres and is almost contained with 90 percent of the blaze under control. 

Check out for more information on the Wildfires.

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